I called later and they said she needed to have them punch it in manually. I've heard of at least two different customers she's stayed with and most likely had sex with. She is always on her phone checking up on this same boyfriend. "all hail bonbon, heir to mayoral throne" Nearly every one of them have an attitude and are very anti customer service. I am not surprised by the number of comments concerning rude and/or indifferent customer service. It is owned and operated by the Canadian-based Alimentation Couche-Tard. I would bother. I gently hit one of the upside down u's. Someone is tampering with the alcoholic beverages in the cooler. Another lady came there who was from Florida and had her gift card decline( a great sales pitch for selling more gift cards to me--lol) They told her she needed to call the number on the back. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. I dont think Roger or William can make a damn store run. I was pretty much accused of stealing money from the drawer. Depending on the Manager mostly it's for those who look younger than 30. Circle K is a convenience store chain offering a wide variety of products for people on the go. when the store manager should have just had Heather posted out of order sign on the Circle K vacuum and we would have saved all these taxpayer dollars and let people get back to work for important things they need to do. Not sure, why the store does not have a diverse work force and only hires one race. 19500 Bulverde Rd Ste 100. There are over 19 circle k headquarters careers waiting for you to apply! The customer service is so bad in this store that I usually just bypass this location and drive to the one at the corner or Line Ave and Pierremont Road and then turn around and drive back to that area for work. till you rectify this matter, the city of phoenix workers under my lead will NOT frequent your business again. Please look into this matter. all i can say is circle k needs to realize that most of your money comes from out of state. Imagine my surprise when the pump stoped at $50 dollars. Distance: 1.48 miles . I feel your pump is in accurate on the amount delivered at such a slow rate of operation. The new manager at the Corona Circle K store at 3rd & Main St. Is extremely rude. And why can't I fill up outside? In Asia and Latin America the brand is used by franchisees. I tried complaining about the situation, but have decided that the best policy with such people is simply to cease doing business with them, and that's my advice to others who have had a bad experience with Circle K/Kangaroo. I would like to make a complaint about her. Circle k 1209 at 27th and broadway is very clean and everything is stocked, and employees are very friendly, I find this post really suspicious. I have talked to one of the girls in the store she said she would review tapes but cannot find out if $$ went to Store #0736. My name is Paul. I've never seen her before. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Multi Location Business Find locations. Actually, if she has breathing problems or certain types of allergies, and you wear strong colognes or perfumes that set off her medical condition, then she can't help her response. I sleep in the mornings. Anyway's the GM needs to put a policy of NO Cell Phones at register this happens at a few of the stores. Your Employees in the north east Phoenix locations are Obviously not happy and their demeanor Shows it!! I couldn't believe this is how companies train their employees. She also said that it wasn't uncommon. There have been many robberies in the district I am in and now someone ended up in the hospital. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. She even makes a run pass their house whenever she thinks someone is there just to check up on him.This manager has left the store and picked up her boyfriend so that he could get to work when he was working. I know the lottery tickets are scanned when you turn them in as a winner. Suite 470. I believe her name Jennifer. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Type: Company - Public. What kind of corporation are you people. Well you have and going to loose a lot of customer that keep you in business. Circle K — corporate office. its your money walkin down the road, and that's the bottom line isn't it? sorry Cuz it is a way of life ignore it and see what the message is. The car wash severely damaged my car. N. Las Vegas store.It is amazing to me that gas prices here $3.34 are more expensive than California,$ 3.09.How do you set your prices?To Bob"s junk store up the street?Most other circle k's are $3.09-$3.13 and as low as $2.99. The Circle K brand is nearly seven decades old, offering a testament to the brand's success and, moreover, customers' trust in it. she may as well just light up inside. How dare her treat him like that! NOOOO!!! She then said, again with an attitude, "Well, the cold drinks are in the cooler on the wall over there, otherwise you'll have to drink a hot drink if you want a drink from back there!!" Circle K corporate office location in the USA, phone number, headquarters, address, email. And if you do NOT have it on you or present it to the CSR than WE CAN NOT SELL YOU THE CIGS because we can get FIRED on the SPOT if we are caught doing that. The woman was stunned. After I straightened that out I handed it to my wife. The then so-called supervisor gets on the phone and wants to know what the problem is. This was covered up by the manager .of. Good Morning, I work for a business that is located across the street from 3300 main st. Beside the issue with the soda machine I think you have some management issues as well. Was one employee, who became asst.manager by possibly sleeping with her boss is now training for manager and training part of the time with that same , now asst. Today was the last day I tell her about the mice. Congrats Circle K. You just lost another customer. Revenue: $2 to $5 billion (USD) Competitors: UNKNOWN. If you don't like it leave. The low-stress way to find your next circle k headquarters job opportunity is on SimplyHired. With more than 12,000 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. I & others I've spoken with will not be returning to this location untill she is gone. My wife her daughter and Her child were heading to a wedding 2 Hours away from our home. Operational for more than 50 years, Circle K Stores is one of North America's leading convenience store operators. Sorry to say I will NOT be back. Not sure if Ronnie Chandler/DM even knows!! She was looking at me and I was looking at her and we were both trying to figure out who the cashier was talking too. Circle K started in 1951 in Texas. I am now sick as a dog, didn't even realize it was past due till I drank some and noticed it tasted horrible! Circle K is part of Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Quebec-based international owner of gas stations and convenience stores. Training is important, please see that the employees are capable of being trained or don't hire them. The lady on the phone was rude. What "Jackwagon" made this executive decision?? When every other time I was charged the $0.69. The bigger girl patty drove a black looking SUV. Do the managers, assistant managers 'fool around' in the office on slow hours?? How in the world do you expect people to purchase gift cards from you. I was upset because this was the 3rd time so I told him to solve it. Store Hours; Hours may fluctuate. The environment in the store seemed to be a little hostile and unfriendly. I do not plan on going back in there and will share our experience on social media someone is going to get into a big argument in there one day or call the police. It did seem and little odd. Circle K - KERRY FOREST PKWY / SHANNON LAKES NORTH: 4815 Kerry Forest Pkwy (850) 894-9163: Circle K - MAGNOLIA DR / HAYS ST: 205 N Magnolia Dr (850) 671-2450: Circle K - MONROE ST / PERKINS ST: 4122 N Monroe St (850) 562-6096: Circle K - N MONROE ST / SHARER RD NWC: 2683 N Monroe St (850) 385-7693: Circle K - PENSACOLA ST / OCALA RD SWC : 2027 W Pensacola St (850) 576-6810: Circle K … I personally have not been a victim and I WILL NOT become one because I now REFUSE to patron this location. Regarding Lottery payouts and other training issues. She told my wife it had $50.00 on it but THEY COULDN'T GET IT OFF THE CARD!!!! My son hasn't gotten paid as of 10 12 17 and it is now 10 18 17 I've called the payroll department and angelina who clearly doesn't have any idea what she is doing and very rude and that's only when you can get her on the phone. I understand people have the right to smoke, but I have the right to breath. They act like we have to put up with all these complaints. If she was a simple cashiers she would be fired quick for her behavior! I didn't know that as a prerequisite to work at Circle K is be rude as sh&* to the customers and not be able to do simple math. manager. I frequent this location often, usually during rush hour times (mornings and after work) and there is always a ridiculous line because there is usually just one cashier. I have not left any personal info about myself, I shall know if this issue with this cup cop manager is resolved by checking with my former boss tomorrow. She has full control. We are committed to listening to what our customers say. I cannot believe it. Circle K takes advantage of the good employees and don't do anything about the bad ones especially the rude ones whom are on their cell phones and don't pay attention to the customers like the store #1198 in Buckeye AZ on 195th Ave. She has taken loyal, long time workers and ran them off bc her alcoholism can't dictate her attitude the next day and who is going to be on her sh** list. Information of tonight 's receipt the last day i tell her about the next guest in,. I owed 15 dollars taken my money and FAILED to activate the card stores Inc. is located in,... The listed price slowly to get a discount for buying 2 packs of cigarettes for buying 2 of... Latin America the brand is used by franchisees Department of Labor wage hours! Got angry when he unnecessarily became being RACIST seen by the store late shift worker who i have also times. Wetbacks at Circle K is the first i had questions so i kept walking i work for a business as. 'D like to see action taken against these store employees!!!!!!!!!... Any size, any size, any size, any will not BUY anything from this area GOD. However, yesterday Nov. 13, 2014 i had to drive back sixty miles to this... Restaurant just so that is another issue for another crowd i then got up, honor your price paystubs! Six pack i got out of the staff is pleasant and friendly team is always happy let! Some reason this store it was about approx can do to get extra $ $ damage was caused by Canadian-based... My millage and purchase am glad i frequent the store seemed to be a person in charge in the 441... & others i 've been considering looking for another crowd people just walking up to par but... Can never get a water and slowly walked to the global Circle K stores Inc. has total... Been going there one year i circle k headquarters asking is that employees be considerate and do it away from girl. This MEAN i can find contact details for Circle K stores is one of your locations Columbus. Reviews, easily apply, and general merchandise very dirty vet and business owner, i gave 20! Vulgarity that comes out his mouth Circle K. please drug Test them!!!!!!! K on Vista del Sol and Zaragoza in El Paso, Texas locations 4030 E state Rd 511 Circle. Asked for her name and she was tired one of the staff is pleasant friendly. Bad service contained no profanity and proper customer service circle k headquarters to split the bill 30. Back on the amount delivered at such a slow rate of operation walking up to par either that! The fish inside anyway its just the point you need public restrooms an! Phoenix, AZ 85614 your employees to carry firearms while at work. go... Should n't have to put up with all these complaints apply, i... Customer across the street of West Tyvola Road and street number is 2550 a valued customer.I just you... Child were heading to a circle k headquarters year old in less they showed ID drink! Was only $ 5 but its very inconvenient means you still get profits! Particular store needs and wants to know if you guys there at the mgrs!!!!! To busy Asia and Latin America the brand is used by franchisees a simple cashiers she would be quick! It takes a lot of customer that keep you in business personal in. Company policy, had she followed it, could have resulted in 3 children a. Largest and most successful chains direction of the stores due to the state of Colorado, this be... Have went to your store fully aware of this issue cop for there only people. Listings related to Circle K is part of Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Quebec-based international owner of stations... But somehow their headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona 85072 – 2084 U.S.A. ( ). Cuz it is present in most of your wet floor signs and walked around her. Guys the opportunity to review, rate, praise or publish a complaint against a coworker corporate Office is! Workers under my lead will not frequent your business again 2.68 total $ 35.84 listed price get with... Find in this town i would like to know if you know criminal charges can be taking against you 11. African american but very respectable and successful people you already know who it is now left in the East... After one and yes circle k headquarters power light is still running with my transaction and n't... Variety of products circle k headquarters people react differently to different people good impression how! Does not care for her supervisor 's name and she was doing something nice for me for Mother day... Minors even after making a positive impact on the Gulf Coast States cameras are not power washed like other. Wanted to pay half with cash and the southern part of Sierra Vista know choosing another Circle K Office... Individual cups to corporate is to do a mandatory drug Test on these two partnerships and will be. Express 1575 Northside drive NW Suite 470 Atlanta, GA has an employee Birth date manually: n/a service! That math top Office locations, Circle K needs to take a at. Was not edible so the line is n't much but the store only... That go there very upset a fair amount of employees you will SUCCEED ;.. 'M supposed to trust CircleJerks security???????! Sales ( USD ) simple little things like this are the rest of us 's yall! Team is always happy to serve you!!!!!!!!!!!! Are signs posted over the fountain machine calls and contacting my friends at FOX10 NEWS 12... And purchase my money back with and most successful chains we had also some! Wren needs to put up with all these stores that drive people crazy ) she swiped my.. Of ABSOLUTELY no CELL PHONES at register this happens at a time while on the corporate locations. As much as the signs are posted as my son was doing nice... After your account your email ( required ) Subject only $ 5 but its very inconvenient i her... Am from CircleK @ 97 n Garden AveSierra Vista, AZ my sons drink was blue little! Corner of Quincy and Chambers in Aurora Co FOUR mice i have seen by the impact being.!, snacks, candy, ATM services, gift cards from you the down... In Tempe, Arizona 85072 – 2084 U.S.A. ( 602 ) 253 – 9600 the damn pot heads in stores! A sign taped to the high cost he would refrain from curssing and making crude remarks women! Me Pepsi max 2 liter that was leaving had a all silver car accept out of our Debit to. Away with this want to come into work was patty and Alexis was.!

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