"K": Whack the first Krook with the first Chest, and the letter is yours! Backtrack a short distance to find a crack in the floor (left of the N). "O": Spear the second Lockjaw, then swim down to find the "O" in an alcove to your lower-right. MAJOR TIP: You don't need the last Rotatable Barrel to get the Kremkoin. If you get lost, follow the bananas -- they will usually lead you to safety. If they are hit by the enemy while down, you will lose them. Krazy Kremland was probably an amusement park for Kremlings, with roller coasters and a giant ferris, odd gewgaws, colored carnival tents, and other fun rides or attractions. WARP BARREL! This rebel Kremling snake can, by holding down the A button, charge up a Super Jump which, when A is released, launches him into the air way higher than Winky! Diddy's Dash is a minigame exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Projectiles work on him, too. "O": With a well-aimed Team Throw, a single Auto-Fire Barrel will launch you up to a tall barrel stack. Now it gets tricky. DK COIN: Just get Rambi safely to the "No Rambi" Sign. Be careful, though, as Click-Clack can get on his feet if left on his back or if he hits the ground when you throw him. Highlight the "Two Player Contest" option at the player selection screen and quickly press Down(5). This will beat some enemies or reach objects a normal jump can't. Funky Head: Wanna take off? Once you have it, GET OUT OF THERE!!! Upon getting everything, don't get eaten by Snapjaw as you backtrack to the previously noted lower sail you started from. NEVER follow the Bananas here, as they will lead you astray! Like Winky, press B to make Rattly jump, crushing most enemies he lands on, using Red Zingers as impervious stairs! Jump over the same two bananas and get the same bunch. Swim right to find the Hero Coin, but be quick in getting back out or Snapjaw will turn you into a monkey snack once you lose your invulnerability! SWIM: Paddle upwards with B and dive down more quickly with the Down Button. TO COMPLETE: Use Rattly to snag every Star before the clock reaches zero. BONUS AREA 2: Get Squawks and fly the upper passage you find him in until you find a single Red Zinger circling around. After his fake demise, Kleever will lunge at you and chase you around on the hooks that appear after dodging his first lunge after the third hit. You can also use the TNT Barrel provided to block one of his shots or even hit both him and his barrel at the same time. Have Rambi use his Super Charge and break down the wall! Stuck in this game? Kaboing: With springy peg legs, Kaboings jump toward you in different patterns. Bonus barrel 1: You’ll need both Kongs to reach this barrel. It's left of a smaller niche in the ceiling. Instead of firing at the lower-right Barrel Cannon to proceed through the Banana trail out of the chamber, fire downward left, then downward right, and finally, downward left. Even Yellow Zingers are now vulnerable to the rhino's dreaded horn (Red Zingers are permanent but prickly platforms to Rambi). ***** Bramble Blast ***** The DK coin is right by the halfway point. Shortly after that you will encounter two Kloaks throwing Klick-Klacks (beetles) Wait for the second one to finish throwing its second Klick-Klack -- he will attempt to leave. If you are, shoot to the upper-right, and then the upper-left. SHIELD: Diddy holds barrels in front of his body to protect himself, while Dixie holds them over her head. Difficulty: Average. If you fall, be quick to get back on the path before time runs out. Snapjaw lurks in two levels: "Slime Climb" and "Clapper's Cavern". You can also smack Klampon with a projectile to de-fang him. To effectively use Rambi, hold down Y and run forward to become a nearly-unstoppable battering ram that most enemies can't withstand. RATTLY CRATE: At the start. There should be a diagonal line of Bananas to your upper-left, and an Arrow Barrel (which points directly at you) to your upper-right. Swanky Head: "Swanky's Bonus Bonanza" is shown on the map by this flashy Kong's head. "N": When you jump to the rope cluster after the one with the level's third arrow formation of Bananas, grab the "N" at the bottom quickly! Since the eggs arc when fired, however, it can be hard to hit enemies with this attack. However, there is a fairly long and comical prologue in the instruction manual, covering the events leading up to the beginning of the game. Shoot downward right to get the "O". Though he can't stomp on enemies directly, his method of attack is twice as potent. Jump up and throw your partner straight up into shortcut barrel. BONUS AREA 1: Once you land in a two-way Barrel Cannon with an Arrow Barrel pointing to it from the upper-right, stop. Krow: To take this huge bird down, you must throw four of his eggs back at him. Bonus Level Kannon: Throw the Kannonball into this, then jump in to shoot upwards into a Bonus Area. Keep getting hit by it and get the extra lives back from him. "N": After you knock out a Mini-Necky after escaping a patrolling Zinger, go right and stop when you see the Diddy Barrel on a small ledge with the letter "N" above it. The shortcut barrel is to the far right of the coin. It should take a while, but sooner or later your life total with go up. You can go through the bramble with a banana in it. You must be very fast or it will not work. Remember to rest on thorns below if you need to check your bearings or rest for a short time. Use Plus Barrels to add time to the timer, but watch out -- Minus Barrels take time away from the timer! When you are in the room get the balloon. Kill it and get as close to the right edge as you can. Under the second or third underpass, jump up and you will get the DK Coin. At the right edge of the bigger platform you're standing on, jump straight up and throw your partner upwards, above the right edge of the platform, to land near the Bonus Barrel behind a Kannon. A Banana Bunch is awarded to you at the second "No Enguarde" Sign. Klinger might not hang on to his rope when bashed with a projectile, but can you stand your ground no matter how many times you get hit or how many lives you lose? These are strategies I like to use in this game: Be sure to pay Wrinky and Cranky for all of their advice to add to your percentage! Landing on the target at any height will end the level. Use Dixie's helicopter spin and jump off of the top barrel at the beginning, then grab onto a hook. Team Throw up into the Barrel. "K": Can you get this without sinking down too far? Jump from them for extreme height! Krook: Krook throws his boomeranging hooked hands to try and hit you. Each moan is different: one is for when it fades in, while the other is for when it fades out. Now jump into the Auto-Fire Barrel to propel yourself back onto the main path. : At the letter "K", park your hot-air balloon to the letter's right, atop the level's third steam column, then jump and throw your partner straight up. Animal Barrel: Hop in one of these to transform into the Animal Friend pictured on it (Rambi, Enguarde, Green Squawks, Rattly, or Squitter) until you reach the animal's "No Animal" Sign. Go over the two bananas and get the bunch that is nearby. Go to where the four barrels are. TO COMPLETE: Bounce from Flitter to Flitter to find your prize. Cranky Kong: This infamous, grumpy old blowhard of an ape, who was the original Donkey Kong in his prime, is back to instruct and insult you inside his "Monkey Museum". "N": Sometimes covered up by one of two Click-Clack-throwing Kloaks, you should get rid of these two ghostly goons first, then toss your partner up to the "N" when it's safe. Stalk him, keeping him on your screen at all times, until Kloak stops and hurls a Chest at you. Go back into the room again and a token worth 75 Kremkions will be inside. Normal Barrel Cannon: When inside this, fire by pressing B at just the right time to avoid recklessly obliterating yourself. Follow the passage straight up until you find your Bonus Area. You'll find the exit to this secret area later in the level, blocked by a one-way barrel. At "Swanky's Bonus Bonanza", you can play the handsome Swanky's trivia games to earn extra lives. Hurry to the secret sail all the way on the left with the "G", two Banana Bunches, and a DK Barrel on it. Red Hot Ride: DK Coin As Donkey Kong, play the level as usual up until the half-way point. For example, "upward right" means "fire diagonally toward the upper-right corner of the screen", and "downward left" can be translated something like this: "fire diagonally toward the lower-left corner of the screen". At the beginning of the level, the Kongs must walk down a wooden path and jump over the brambles to reach a horizontal vine. Zinger: NOT HIM AGAIN!!! Shoot upwards on all the spinning barrels near the Star Barrel. If you're on a vertical climbing object, hold Up or B to climb upwards and Down to shinny downwards. Don't hesitate for a second when you avoid the level's last Zinger and land on the platform below the final Arrow Barrel -- if you're too slow, you could get shot! You can see part of it spinning at the bottom. You can also do this after the Warp Barrel spits you out here! Watch your step while you do this dangerous stunt! Bramble Scramble: DK Coin. Klinger: Climbs vertical ropes by climbing up, then sliding down the rope, repeating this pattern until dispatched with a careful jump attack or a projectile. Cranky offers a vague sentence or two for every stage that can usually point you in the direction of the elusive coin. From here, walk left into the hidden Bonus Barrel. Klank: Swordless Kutlasses riding rail cars. Keep pressing the Y button to keep cartwheeling as long as there are baddies in front of you to smash. TO COMPLETE: Do not let a single enemy escape your sights. Without Enguarde, you can still get it. TO COMPLETE: Find the Kremkoin in a huge underwater labyrinth. Take the balloon, leave the cabin, jump over the same two bananas, grab the same bunch that were on the barrels, and return to the cabin. Swim down the shaft in front of him quickly to avoid being skewered by his spines as he pops. The chests contain green baloons. Should you choose to fire downward right, shoot downward left and then back again. hellogreatman, Sep 6, 2006 Kremkoin: Win this in Bonus Areas to pay Klubba to open up all of the levels of the Lost World (15 coins per level, with 75 Kremkoins total in the game)! Rattly the Rattlesnake: You thought Winky could jump high? If you win a course with Dixie in the lead, her head appears instead. "O": Don't sink with the Krochead underneath this letter! : Have Dixie jump right, off the starting platform, and slowly Helicopter Spin to the left until you land in the invisible Barrel Cannon. Ghost Rope: Appears and disappears at will, so time your jumps just right by listening for its wacky wails. Flotsam: Slowly swimming around in the waters, this stingray comes in two colors: Blue Flotsams cruise toward you without turning around, but the Green ones (I like to call them Jetsams) drift back and forth. This is a very clever way to conserve lives if all should seem lost in a harder stage... A. KONG KLAN (CONTROLLED) AND HOW TO CONTROL THEM: Diddy Kong: The star of this game, Diddy Kong must save Donkey Kong from the evil Kaptain K. Rool. Once the timer reaches zero before you go through the "No Kackle" Gate, you will lose a partner when any one of these gargantuan ghosts solidifies! Krochead: They don't hurt you, but be careful landing on their heads, as the Green Krocheads like to sink into the swamp and make life harder for you. Method Two: take the upper-left Barrel Cannon chain until you end up in a four-way Barrel Cannon that can aim at a line of Bananas on the upper-left as well as the letter "O" on the lower-right. He will explode and the last DK Coin will appear. Congratulations -- you've found it! From there you will go to the end of the level. Yikes... Snapjaw: A pink variant of Lockjaw who runs away when Enguarde is nearby, but poses a threat when you don't have him to protect you. Go too close, and he'll suddenly back up, snap his jaws three times as a warning, then lunge to the location you were last swimming in. Proceed and you will get in an invisible barrel. But from asking around and looking on the Google, I know that Donkey Kong games are highly regarded as some of the best SNES games. DON'T FOLLOW THE BANANAS!!! BONUS AREA 3: Two Klampons are the only thing standing between you and this last Bonus Area. Look at it this way: you can get any Banana Bunches or Red Balloons swiped by the Yellow or Black Klobber (if the items don't vanish first), but you can't get your buddy back when Kaboom destroys him/her except with a DK Barrel. RAMBI CRATE: Right out in the open. ENGUARDE CRATE: After the first Clapper past the Continue Barrel, turn the lava to water, then swim down and right through a pair of small crates to find your swordfish pal. If your total supply of extra lives is fully depleted, you'll have to start over from your last saved point on the map... Kannonball: An indestructible projectile used to load the Bonus Level Kannon. Hop across the wooden platforms and ignore the last spinning barrel. BONUS AREA 1: At the letter "O", hit the lower Klampon to get a Chest safely, then destroy the upper Klampon with the Chest to get the Kannonball. There are three ways to get to this shortcut. BONUS AREA 2: You can't see the Bonus Barrel unless you turn left immediately after the Zinger-guarded Arrow Barrel beside the only horizontal Arrow Barrel in the level spits you up onto an upper catwalk with a lofty DK Barrel. Swanky Kong: LADIES AND GENTLEMONKEYS, WELCOME TO SWANKY KONG'S #1 GAME SHOW: SWANKY'S BONUS BONANZAAAAA!!! Afterwards, he'll run faster with each time he recovers, but if you're holding him when he wriggles loose, he'll be defeated automatically! A "Cheat Mode" option will appear. Kill whoever is on them. TO COMPLETE: Collect all the Stars without falling off the ropes or running out of time, then climb up and right to locate the Kremkoin. You have to hold Y to jump far enough. If you keep avoiding the objects such as clouds and balls, he will eventually shoot a barrel. Proceed as usual at the start of the level to get the water to rise. Press A again to dismount. After that you will still have a high amount of speed to get through the rest of the level. When you reach the "No Rambi" Sign, you'll obtain a Green Balloon as your reward! As Squawks, you must race Screech to the end of his level in first place (you can fly right through the pesky parrot without being harmed). Enable the "Cheat mode" code. TO COMPLETE: Using the hot-air balloon and careful timing, I recommend using Dixie's Helicopter Spin to snare all the Stars. Fall down, then run to the right to find the very first of many Bonus Areas. TNT Barrel: Though this booming Barrel can shield you, it's best used when hurled at an enemy. You will see a Klaptrap. Wanna know if a Barrel has a Klobber in it? If you just throw one of them across the screen or off the edge, they will return. Squitter the Spider: One of the many newcomers in DKC2, Squitter is one of the coolest, most useful animal friends ever. The DK Coin is concealed, spinning atop the shack. Klobber: To beat this Barrel-dwelling Kremling safely, jump on his head to stun him, then pick him up and throw him. To best the Dark Green version quickly without a Team Throw, let him blitz toward you, jump over him, then repeat the process until his swords end up lodged in the ground after his final charge (he'll jerk his swords back up too quickly otherwise). Go to second balloon. Jump on it and break it open. At the end, you can use your partner and jump high to the left and throw him/her straight up and to the left to get your DK coin. BONUS AREA 2: Once you find the Kannonball, get it to the Bonus Kannon without dropping it into the water. BONUS AREA 1: At the top of the starting stack of barrels. Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Select an empty save game slot at the select game screen. "N": Shortly before the Rambi Crate and watched by the game's very first Klobber. As of Jan 07 21. Kruncha: Jump attack this muscular tough guy, and he'll turn a bright red, get mad, and run around rapidly for a short time, hurting any Kong who touches him in any way during that time. "O": Easy to get, but make sure Klinger doesn't claw you as you journey onward! Extra Life Balloon: Be quick in nabbing them, or they might float away! "K": Near a Hook. Now slug any of the three remaining Zingers with the Chest to get a 1-Up Balloon to collect, then Cartwheel or Spin Jump left, following the Bananas, until you land on either a Flitter or the platform ahead. This will take you into the shaft. You can see part of it spinning at the bottom. When he lands (where you were last standing), an earthquake will rattle the ground and stun you briefly if you don't jump in time as Kudgel falls. Watch closely, and you'll see that a Klobber-infested Barrel (or TNT Barrel) is flipped in the opposite position from an empty Barrel. Throw the top monkey up to the right of the bonus barrel. No DK barrels will appear in the game. Wrinkly Head: This points out a "Kong Kollege" on the map. ENGUARDE CRATE 1: Guarded by the level's first Lockjaw. At the beginning of the level, when you jump on the skull cart, instead of pressing Right to go forward, press Left. Can he become a video game hero in Cranky Kong's eyes? "N": At the Banana arrow pointing upwards, get off Enguarde, run right, and jump on the second Clapper from the Continue Barrel (the first Clapper you find when you rescue Enguarde). Enter a bonus stage while still keeping him. It is the first bonus game. Kutlass: Little Kremlings with BIG swords with which they use to cut you down. A better strategy would be to Cartwheel Jump or execute a midair or jumping Helicopter Spin Jump from the top of the barrel stack without landing in the Bonus Barrel again. Brown Krocheads make great springboards, and never submerge their heads completely. Eliminate them, then either Team Throw your way into the Bonus Barrel or have Squitter web platform your way to it. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Get back on the rope and jump with exact timing for your golden letter. Watch out for the Zinger and Kruncha! Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. Good luck! "G": Yikes, this letter is hard to get. DK Vine Forum > Donkey Kong Universe > Donkey Kong Discussion Let's discuss about Donkey Kong Country 2 on NSO. ENGUARDE CRATE 2: Guarded by a Lockjaw soon after the Continue Barrel. You might even get a Banana Coin if you time it right! At the top, don't jump to the shorter upper sail with the Kannonball just yet, as that will cause the water level to rise. You may have to chase after him to catch him, but that should not be too difficult. Then, using Dixie, jump off the ledge to the left then spin to the right (under the ledge) to find shortcut barrel. The Bonus Barrel is at the top of the tallest stack of barrels in the bunch, guarded by three Blue Krunchas. Use Dixie's helicopter spin and spin under the plat form you start on; use Diddy's cartwheel jump; or step off with Rattly and press B. You should now see an arrow of bananas. DK COIN: At the start, take out the Kutlass, then hit the UPPER Zinger with the DK Barrel. "K": Avoid both Snapjaw and any Click-Clacks you didn't defeat before now as you Cartwheel or Spin Jump to the letter "K". It also had a Game Boy semi-sequel, Donkey Kong Land 2. Get it. You'll be launched to the upper deck when you get the Hero Coin. At the start of the level, go past the first seal. A high normal jump from Rattly can get this too if you jump from the barrel platform. You can also Cartwheel or Spin into him to stop him, but an Animal Friend, such as Rattly, can squash Click-Clack with a single jump! After leaving the bonus game, use the barrel launchers to go up until you see two TNT barrels side by side. He wants to smack you with his enormous club (that's if he doesn't smoosh you with a strong stomp)! sign is tacked on a level's name when all of its Bonus Areas are completed. Use a Team Throw or a jump from Rattly to get to your destination. What's more, he can spit eggs at enemies when you press the Y button! Kloak: Crates, Barrels, baddies, and items are among the things that this flying monster can throw at you. Dart right and use Enguarde's Super Dash to get to the letter "N" as well as a few other rewards... "G": When the road ahead narrows and forks vertically up and down, take the lower route to the "G", then swim back up to the final Clapper as fast as you can! That wasn't so hard, was it? Directly to the right is a space. "N": Use the first DK Barrel past the Continue Barrel to bash the upper of two Zingers guarding a balloon, but can you get the DK Barrel there without breaking or dropping it? "K-O-N-G" Letters: An extra life awaits those who bag every one of these four letters in a set! Highlight the "Cheat Mode" option and press B, A, Right(2), A, Left, A, X. Can you get the Banana Coin as well? DKong: Oct 21 2020, 09:01 PM. Biplane Barrel: See Funky Kong's article in "The Kongs" section. BONUS AREA: After the "No Enguarde" Sign, pick up the Barrel you see (or a Click-Clack if you mess up your throw), and chuck it at the large crate on your right. Enguarde will NOT defend himself automatically when a Shuri approaches, so watch out! If a Kloak is Kloaking the "N" upon being nailed by a Team Throw, you'll get the letter automatically. If you walk away from a flashing Bonus Kannon and it ends up too far off-screen, you'll have to find the Kannonball to reload it (you can do this without restarting the level if you know where to look for the Kannonball). At the start of the level, using Dixie, jump off to the right towards the arrow. See the single Banana to your right in midair? After leaving Bonus Area 2, jump right and Helicopter Spin all the way to a vertical rope cluster. If you have Diddy's girlfriend playing and Diddy following her, Diddy will hop onto his girlfriend. Hint: Target Terror: DK Coin: When you ride on the platform, you usually go through two shacks. Rambi gives you a Banana Bunch when he can't go any further. DK COIN: At the start of Bonus Area 1, do a Helicopter Spin Jump to the right to find it. First, go under the first Klomp-occupied mast platform above you and all the way to the end of the longer lower sail you ended up on from climbing the aforementioned rigging. For the first half of the battle, he jumps so high into the air that he disappears from view. Collect everything and go all the way to the right to reach the very end of the board. When he lands (which won't cause a shockwave), throw the TNT Barrel at his head, but don't throw too soon or too low, or Kudgel will deflect the explosive Barrel with his club. He swoops at you from above instead, so be careful when attacking him. "N": To make things easier, whack the two Klomps past the first DK Barrel beyond the Star Barrel without using the Crate provided. TO COMPLETE: Climb the hooks to the Kremkoin, and make haste! Most levels in the Donkey Kong Country series are linear left-to-right paths. The whole goal of this game is to rescue him, so prepare for the hardest challenges yet! A projectile or other midair attack can whack him away, but be careful when getting enough height for your jump attack. Immediately, Helicopter Spin to the right, under the ledge, to find your elusive Warp Barrel. ALWAYS NOTE: Press Start to pause your game in any level or boss stage. One of the biggest challenges is collecting the DK coins in "DKC2". Don't be afraid to use Dixie to hold the Kannonball, as she will be protected from the twin Click-Clacks if you're quick. When you come out of the stage, go left, down the crack again, and get the banana coin in the bonus stage again. You must use a Team Throw Attack -- the first two baddies after the DK Barrel beyond the "No Rambi" Sign are the very Kloaks you're dealing with, so you should have both partners when facing them. When you are about to go through the second shack, prepare to jump. DK COIN: Right when you get Squitter (you can't get this without him), make web platforms upwards, right above the "Y" made of Bananas, until you find the DK Coin. This is because you can't really see where you're throwing your partner as you jump, so jumping and throwing over the first two Zingers could cause your partner to hit one of the other two Zingers. Plus and Minus Barrels: Found only in "Haunted Hall", Plus Barrels add time to the Kackle timer, and Minus Barrels deduct time. Under the second or third underpass, jump up and you will get the DK Coin. Use Dixie and her helicopter hover to avoid all the nasties until you get to a vine that you can climb up. Switch your character to Diddy and hop on the balloon. PUSH THE X BUTTON TO GET OFF ANY ANIMAL EXCEPT THOSE LISTED! TO COMPLETE: Climb the barrel stacks until you find the Kremkoin. Throw your partner up again from the ledge to find a shortcut barrel. Once you're ready, just fall through the Bananas without pause to get a 1-Up Balloon from the target. A Barrel Cannon pair will shoot you right into Squawks's talons. The DK Coin is concealed, spinning atop the shack. CARTWHEEL ATTACK (DIDDY ONLY): As in DKC1, use Y to Cartwheel Attack enemies. The "!" TO COMPLETE: Break the correct Chest onto the Red Zinger, and the prize is yours! Begin game play in Mainbrace Mayhem as Dixie Kong. Get the barrel and get Squitter. Funky's head lights the way to a "Funky's Flights II". But if you morphed into Green Squawks, DON'T TOUCH THE THORNS BELOW!!! Animal Crate: Need an Animal Friend? Fire upward left twice, then downward left straight into an Arrow Barrel which takes you to a two-way Barrel Cannon. "G": Bag the Blue Balloon all the way to the right of the Exit Target with an upwards Team Throw, then pick up the Crate below the Blue Balloon and smash the last Zinger with it. Even Rattly can't jump on Kutlass until he exposes his head. Method One: after escaping the Zinger, shoot downward right and then upper-right. TO COMPLETE: Whack away five Klingers with either the provided projectiles, well-timed Team Throw Attacks, or a combination of the two, and you'll get your Kremkoin reward. For example, get Ramby in Pirate Panic. Now jump into the water and follow the Bananas downward to the Bonus Barrel before your invincibility wears off. Any attack can take him out. BONUS AREA: At the Continue Barrel, you'll see the "No Squitter" Sign beyond an Arrow Barrel. Click-Clack: Flip this blue beetle upside-down by jumping on him to pick him up and throw him at an enemy (or jump on him once more to defeat him). Unfortunately, Kabooms (Red Klobbers) sometimes hide inside these explosive Barrels! This is done by standing back and letting him come to you, then jumping over him as he charges. DK COIN: After Bonus Area 2, dispatch the level's final pair of Neeks, and you'll find a vertical line of four Bananas. SQUITTER CRATE: Impossible to miss. It helps to have a guide handy… TO COMPLETE: Find the right path to the Kremkoin in a giant maze of Barrel Cannons! Any attack works on him as long as their hooks don't threaten you, as they fly back to the Krook even after he's down.

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