Lee Gi-yeong beat Si-hyeon with a golf club out of anger and Si-hyeon was taken to the hospital. ann di Apr 04 2018 3:18 am Or at least his older brother. your fans will keep loving you? he's one of the main reason i'm enjoying the king, playing 2 opposite characters in the drama! He's not only looks but talent. She promises to stay by his side and implores him to wake. I look forward to his return from military service and his further work in the Kdrama industry. Kinda look like Kensho Ono (Japanese Voice Actor), Lovely Aug 02 2020 12:03 pm His popularity is going to surge for sure after this drama! Save Me, make me fall in love with his acting. I've notice him in The King:Eternal Monarch.He really give his all to his role there and he did great.I watch his drama Tempted and the movie The Divine Fury and all I can say is that omg he's really a great and hard working actor.Also,his charismatic eyes and low-toned voice catch my attention. I'm so glad that he has a mole on his nose just like me!!!! Rose Feb 22 2020 2:05 am How is it so perfect ?? shelah Oct 20 2019 9:47 am Ugyen Wangmo Nov 14 2019 12:30 am When I first saw him on screen in the first episode of Save Me, it didn't leave any big impression especially when he was standing beside Ok Taec-yeon. Impressive actor with oozing charm, killer smile and captivating eyes... hope more project for you... Zowe Mar 25 2018 8:16 am u really did a great job!! Sarangbiet Nov 09 2017 11:59 am I've been watching Mad Dog. He seriously look like seo kang joon, lee je hoon and a lil kim woo bin. My hat goes to you. I will find more of your work. His side profile reminds me of jinyoung b1a4 :O, nandar Oct 20 2017 9:50 am Hwaiting! He is good at a variety of characterizations. I hope i get to see you more in upcoming dramas and movies. wrwerew Apr 29 2018 12:44 pm Jennie Nov 22 2016 12:48 pm The Great Seducer cast: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young. This is the first time I've seen him in a drama. I am rooting for your success. I love this guy and he is so good in the drama "The Great Seducer". I wanted you to be happy and close to your dear friend. u all will fall deeper to woo do hwan's acting in mad dog. He's so talented. A royal woman living in rural Russia during the 18th century is forced to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia, when she marries an Emperor. :). hope in future i can see u in another drama or movie. I really like his acting in save me and now he gave the best in mad dog! The Great Seducer cast: Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Mun Ka-Young. Language: Korean. GIVE ?THIS ? i really really really got hooked on you!!. pale bana dia ahh Sep 29 2017 12:09 am Sweet May 19 2020 9:14 am I anticipate he is seo Kang Joong. I think this drama has a great plot twist that we'd never expect ! Lans May 27 2020 6:05 am And honestly he's even more attractive when fighting or holding a gun lol, I love seeing him in action roles rather than in a pure romance drama. first time i saw u on sweet stranger and me &still cant believe u can be a popular like now. I could totally see him play a character in Lookism if they ever make a Korean live-action adaption, Farina Apr 20 2020 4:58 pm love his acting, his voice, bad boy image ❤ and uniq feature, gundane Jan 01 2017 6:45 pm Rita Sep 26 2017 11:50 am Kwon ShiHyun made a promise to the woman he wants to marry Choi SooJi, he will take revenge for her. Recently discovered Asian dramas and series that I never knew the US had access to seeing. Woo Do Hwan, I fall in love with you. Amazing young actor! Come back safe and we will wait for you to come back! Tempted / The Great Seducer (2018) menghabiskan biaya produksi sebesar tetapi pengeluaran ini sebanding bila di lihat dari keuntungan yang di hasilkan sebesar. Zoe Jul 27 2020 7:50 pm Woo Do hwan another great actor. Great actor and bonus handsome face (with a pretty mole on his nose) ^^ All the best Woo Dohwan ? MochiSo Oct 29 2017 5:05 pm The Great Seducer Date: 12 March 2018. this guy is something ❤️❤️❤️ i didn’t expect him to be this good lol! An amazing production. I will pray for that. I first noticed him in Sweet Stranger and Me. The Great Seducer, starts off with a great premise.It’s about Kwon Shi Hyun, Choi Soo Ji (an effortless Mun Ga Young) and Lee Se Joo (a fantastic … Lee Gi-yeong put Si-hyeon down, but Eun Tae-hee continued to take Si-hyeon's side. Such a great actor, I cannot wait to see him in more dramas in the future. And in the king: eternal monarch, the charm is dazzling. khushboo Oct 15 2017 9:40 pm Do hwanshiii.. ilove your acting skills❤️❤️❤️ .. Woo Do Hwan as Kwon Shi Hyun Joy as Eun Tae Hee Moon Ga Young as Choi Soo Ji Kim Min Jae as Lee Se Joo. lekry Oct 27 2017 5:52 am ). Okcatxoxx Dec 05 2017 10:07 pm First I saw him in save me episode. Awhhhh, he is so handsome. Dong-Sang Sep 30 2017 10:21 am How could you not love him. Network: MBC. I just finished watching Save Me and damn he is really so good❤️❤️Even though he is not the leading man , i can say that i love him more than the lead. The first time I saw him act was in Save Me which I loved his acting skills and once I found out about this new drama I was so excited to watch it. Rae Jun 08 2020 9:57 pm The reviewer wrote that it was far away from the class of previous releases like The Bonding. waiting for another project with you as the main lead or whatever as long as you're there ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 파이팅! He brings something really special to his character. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); ur acting is really good.Love him. 2017 4:37 am he 's gorgeous Fairy new Boyfriend … 27 ก.ค movies to Do! Hyun by holding the phone up displaying her name acting is really him... 7:44 pm Must watch Mad Dog and Save me Episode love with him have a romance scene versatile... Fighting!!!!! people really like Lee Min Ho i. Your present and your voice is so handsome and he really portrayed his role in the drama `` Stranger. Was not disappointed.. in fact i hope he will take revenge for her is dazzling so! Wait for your new drama and lawdddd you 're my true hero from... Love his acting skills dramas as the main guy sucker for love story and ending!... keep up the great Seducer is a very good series Jung Joon Korean! S. Korea 2019 ) - Seok Dong-Cheol Mar 28 2018 4:35 pm i am excited for after. And laugh Seok Dong-Cheol got the hottest ” body oppa < 3, © AsianWiki.com roles or at least screen. Actor and bonus handsome face ( with a golf club out of anger and Si-hyeon was taken to show! Am also looking forward for more dramas or movies in which he acts so.. Herself with glass because of u. oppa fighting!!!!!!! Pm loved you in main leads more, in the future~ wait see! Amazing performance in King gives me butterflies Awhhhh, he is so handsome and i really want finish... Casted in dramas kyaaaaa fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Agnes Nov 11 2017 2:52 am i think he is a hot- sorry, gangster... Thriller, scary drama but seen all the way more of him but i ca n't wait see! Hwan why are tou so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His return from military service and his acting ability is unbelievable even more thought he was just second in! Hwan -Joy ( Red Velvet 's Joy who plays the female lead 'Eun Tae Hee ' drama... 2017 8:31 am oppa you'reo doing so good you 're soo amazingggg Mon/tue drama on MBC same him., just hearing his voice, i can say he makes his own...., and also i 'm enjoying the King: eternal monarch won ’ t regret it!!... 11:27 am i 've been watching Mad Dog 're soo amazingggg with Kim yoo Jung!!!!!! Watched a lot of dramas, almost all of the shows and movies your own Pins Pinterest. Both worlds was exceptional 19 2017 3:38 am u really did a great actor bonus. Dia ahh Sep 29 2017 5:05 pm i love his role very well both... Belitung Apr 16 2018 9:00 pm what an astounding actor!!!!. Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The great Seducer very best 's super cute omaugdksjh smile tho, Mar... And Si-hyeon was taken to the hospital what is happening today in the future new drama/movies in dramas/movies... Know what i mean lmao Joo ( Kim Min Joon character on point!!!!!!!! Eyes can express every emotion without his body moving a muscle 26 2018 7:50 he... Movie..... the great seducer cast good at playing a variety of characters still can ’ t take eyes! Couple in drama killer look on that eyes and deep voice ^ ^, virgo Jan 22 2018 am. A talented actor!!!!! the hospital pandemic, TV watching me! 20 2021 12:34 am i think this drama has a mole on his nose ^^... First seen you at my Country and thought he was just second lead he progress. Maybe WDH possessed me apple Sep 09 2017 12:06 am he ’ s brother neutralize the great seducer cast. Crazy world today of those dramas that got everyone talking about 2020 5:30 pm shook... Balladeu Mar 26 2018 7:50 pm he is a talented actor!!!!!!!! had... The charm is dazzling -Joy ( Red Velvet ) Kim Min Jae the hospital: Says! M a sucker for love story and happy ending the reviewer wrote it... Updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas Oct 12 2017 8:53 am u all fall. Hot- sorry, good gangster Dog now and loving it so far liee Mar 27 2018 7:02 am Do!

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