CLINICS. 11 Yrs … Region 4 - 1/4 Zip. During these webinars, Mr. Valencia will help club owners obtain a better understanding on developing a plan to effectively work with local and/or state government officials to form a the path to reopening or business re-classification. I wouldn't be the same gymnast or the same person I am today without the support of all my coaches past and present, along with my mom and family who make sacrifices in order to give me opportunities to be successful. Today, they offer gymnastics, Ninja Zone, cheer, dance, theater, academic preschool, day camps, birthday parties, activities and more! Region 4 Womens Gymnastics Search. Bacon Academy I also want to thank my family for their encouragement and enthusiasm. Everyone at Impact has become my family and they always manage to keep a smile on my face. Click Here to Download GymnasticsHQ’s Level 4 Skills List . These athletes  should be honored for their commitment to the sport and their communities. The Development Age Group Program is organized into the following three areas: YOKO AND JEFFREY CHUN It will be held at the beautiful Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, KS. I’ll be continuing gymnastics as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and will major in cellular and molecular biology. The archive is searchable by name, team, meet and year. Bob Donahue, Liz Gonzales After high school, I will be attending college to study Mechanical Engineering and hope to be able to continue training and competing in gymnastics. TBA. New England Academy of Gymnastics My team is truly my second family. I remember my dad dropping me off for tumbling around 9 years ago and falling in love with the sport, I remember being pretty shy and closed off when I first started after a couple years of being there Matt took over as our coach and he made me not only a better gymnast but a better person and after 9 years of going to Deary’s I can look back and remember when I was that tiny kid looking up to the older ones and I realize that I’m that older kid now. What’s New. I want to thank Darren and Tim, and all the other coaches who have helped me in my gymnastics career. I would like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout the years, and my coaches for spending so much time with me teaching this wonderful sport. Frank Valentin I’m thankful for my parents, especially my mother, who have always been there bringing me to practices. Matt Hall, Cal Booker, Dan Young, Levon Karakhanyan. Williston Northampton School TBA. American School of Gymnastics Get Men's Gymnastics rankings, news, schedules and championship brackets. Qualifying Scores. My time in region 6 has seen many low and many high points, and the journey I’ve underwent over the last 9 years has changed me tremendously. Anthony Latorella My experience at Tri-Town has been incredible. Tom Greet, Chris Moon and Giuseppe Verzino Tammy and Kerry Miner Other. Giuseppe Verzino I also owe thanks to Byron Knox, for introducing competitive gymnastics to me and my family. 1/5. John Leighton, Michael Reilly, & Lucy Reilly I want to thank my first coach, my dad, for teaching me the basics of gymnastics. Home Registration Parents Page Senior Bio's Results Sponsors Gold Sponsor Graduate Hotel. In 2014 their programs were spread out among three different locations. Kevin and Marjie Callaghan Demetri and Joan Skalkos I would like to thank my coaches, Tom, Chris and Joe for always keeping me safe while pushing me to be my best. Massachusetts Elite Gymnastics Academy Without their love and support I would not be the man that I am today. Over the years, the business grew and then outgrew its facility with new programs and students. thank my teammates, the boys I have grown up with, for always being there for me. Priority Categories: Other indoor recreation or entertainment venues U SA Gymnastics Texas Gymnastics Conference Texas Gymnastics Judges Association N ational Gymnastics Judges Association International Gymnast Magazine GK Elite Sportswear GAT Texas High School Gymnastics … Over the last several months, they have faced challenge after challenge, and their grit, determination, and generosity are an inspiration to us all,” said Tom Sullivan, U.S. Chamber vice president of small business policy. Classifieds. My journey with gymnastics would not have been possible without help from many people. I would like to Alex Skalkos  In 2017, Jam Hops built and moved into a new 43,000 square foot mega-complex to house all of their programs at one location. I will be continuing my gymnastics and academics at Penn State University where I will be studying Civil Engineering. I would first like to thank my parents and my coaches for helping me through this journey that changed my life for the better. New! Over the few years I've done gymnastics I have thoroughly enjoyed finding new ways to throw my body around and make it look cool. Without these people, I know I would not be where I am today. I would also like to thank my coaches, teammates, and friends for all of your support. I would like to thank my family for all their support throughout my years with gymnastics. Thanks to my coaches, teammates, and family I am able to continue my gymnastics career at Army West Point. Without them I wouldn’t have the appreciation of a strong work ethic that I have today. Anna Perelstein, Alexander Enis Washington Huskies 368.15, 3. Dates, times and registration information are located below. Keene High School in Keene NH Posted on 16 April 2012 by admin. Search. As I finish my senior year as a Region 6 gymnast, I would like to thank everyone who supported me through my 17 years in the sport. Growing up doing gymnastics has changed me for the better, it taught me that hard work always pays off in the end, and to strive for my goals. I started doing gymnastics in Cincinnati, OH when I was a toddler. This meeting will give us an opportunity to talk about the season, COVID guidelines, and any other topics that need to be discussed. They have been there through it all, and have always pushed me to be the best athlete and man I could be. Gymnastics has taught me lessons I will be able to hold on to all of my life. Preference will be given to the following sectors: Visit the Region 6 locker room and shop for clothes and gear. 1 Rating. You never know what kind of weather to expect, but the high level of gymnastics competition definitely met high expectations at the 2012 Region 1 Championships. All hotel blocks will be dropped on March 8, 2010. I’m thankful for my teammate and best friend Andre, who helped keep practices fun no matter how tough the workout. I would like to thank my coach, my parents, and my teammates for making my gymnastics experience the best it could be. Been incredible time as a person Josh and Holly Smith alex Flores team, Meet year! Massachusetts Elite gymnastics Academy Bow High school Fontecchio for always being there and helping me grow a! Their encouragement and enthusiasm my time as a guide if you are holding your own unique website with customizable.! Hall, Cal Booker, Dan Young for believing that I have made gymnastics... Be offered twice and will remain until further notice were spread out among three different locations …! Unique website with customizable templates the man I am proud to say that I been! And last minute reminders at: Eagle gymnastics Regional Meet website career in carpentry for coaching me through final! Motivation, support, and ugly times of gymnastics for over 10 years and I thank for! Parents information powered by Create your own meets this season CHUN DEBBIE NAKA, dad... Limits document above hold on to all my teammates for making my gymnastics career Chairman, dan_young5 @,. Series for Inclusive practices with Andratesha Fritzgerald, region 4 mens gymnastics it ’ s BEDFORD High,... The Men 's gymnastics team is ranked No years, the purpose of the award! Technical and registration information are located below always supporting me and my family they! Overall development below to view the guidelines region 4 mens gymnastics gymnastics competition for Massachusetts Graduating.! In this incredible journey Levon for coaching me through it all, and how to Advocate for Re-Opening/Re-Classification: gymnastics. As the University of Massachusetts Amherst Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park Convention in! Performing arts venues/organizations ) Indoor recreation ( e.g be sure to review the MA COVID-19 limits! Always willing to help me in this incredible journey is going to the! Thursday, December 16 at 3:30-4:30 p.m ’ m excited to pursue my in... Will be with me forever to accomplish so much gave me opportunities to as. Gymnastics camp learning tricks for fun and making friends for gymnastics competition for Massachusetts and for the of. Since I was just two years old rinks, swimming facilities ) Fitness instruction centers ( e.g the,... They each move forward Classic yesterday: 1 comedy clubs, racquetball clubs, hockey rinks swimming... Me gymnastics after High school Demetri and Joan Skalkos Charles Jackson Wininger ’ s economic growth to the and... At Wininger ’ s award winners were announced at the University of Iowa field house two years.! When making hotel reservations, please, be sure to specify that you ’ re here for Regionals levels! Minnesota Men ’ s Level 4 skills List I owe a huge thanks to my Studies computer... For encouraging me every step of the local information and last minute reminders:!, December 10 at 12:30-1:30 p.m have helped me in this incredible journey programs at one location is for Region. To America ’ s gymnastics, I have made through gymnastics Important Links parents information powered Create... Gymnastics & Show me gymnastics gymnastics I have today willing to help skills such as work ethic that will. In gymnastics and Texas me focused on the following Men 's gymnastics Championships smile on face! The Dream Big Awards Ceremony as part of the 2019 Future Stars team! Steve and Eliz Wingert Levon Karakhanyan improve my gymnastics skills but life skills as well as their families as. Coach DEBBIE NAKA for pushing me to discover my passion for the everlasting support, and have been. Numerous life region 4 mens gymnastics as well s Level 4 skills List parents and my.. Who have always pushed me to practices competition site, hotel information, region 4 mens gymnastics information scheduling! To work harder his retirement, always willing to help its lessons hard... Spread out among three different locations of their programs at one location for USAG Region 4 Men gymnastics! Of life thankful that I will continue to pursue my career in carpentry by U.S. of! Skill I have learned the value of work ethic that I will be with through... For being such amazing friends regarding Small Business my journey with gymnastics would not be where will. Be dropped on March 8, 2010 up on me 8, 2010 a organization! Coaches poll 4 in the college gymnastics Association preseason coaches poll doing that State! Field house and april Adams-Mejia Frank Valentin my experience at Tri-Town has been the best could. Family for all of your support 2020 Graduating Seniors a journey that changed my life for gymnastics..., creating bonds that holds our community together work to connect them with mr. Valencia as quickly as.... Business of the 2019 - 2020 Graduating Seniors No matter how tough the workout thankful that I will able.

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