This is an interesting observation forrestcat. Wish you all the best in the holiday~ Don't miss out on our promotion if you are traveling as well ya~~ 06/07/2018 . Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day! Sabah and Sarawak used to have very good administrations and a solid professional class, inherited from British rule and more efficient than the Malayans. This is all I am saying. © Copyright 2021 New Mandala | Web Design: Code and Visual. India Independence Day Messages: Express your patriotism with Independence Day wishes 2020.End your search for the most unique Indian Independence Day wishes in English and wonderful 74 Independence Day messages for employees, students, Indian Soldiers/Army, Friends and family right here. Over 20,000 folks gathered in Merdeka Sq. I can tell you for a fact that most Sarawak people feel more Sarawakian than Malaysian. Independence Day … As a consequence, Liberation Day, as independence from Britain is called in Sarawak, has become a forgotten annal in Malaysia’s history. Sarawak Self-Government Day celebrates the day that Sarawak declared its independence from British control, joining the country of Malaysia. July 22 is gazetted as “Sarawak Independence Day”. Kein Corner - Homestay Miri Sarawak wishes you a happy independence day! Independence Day Wishes., The digital turn in Southeast Asian theatre: new routes through a global pandemic. I’m proud to be a SARAWAKIAN!!! Something that no one can take away from you. I’ve got to disagree! Share amazing messages and wishes with your friends and family on any social media platform including Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Independence Day Malaysia Wish Picture. My heart catapults in happiness and pride when the sound of Independence comes. Murray Hunter, Guest Contributor joseph is nota sarawakian name, its an alien name to sarawak. Instead, Penang, Malacca, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu are sorry shadows of their former selves. Not to forget, sending Independence day messages to friends, relatives, love ones and wishing family member is also the part of this celebration. I would like to be proven wrong, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Indonesia is no saviour: against normalisation with Israel, The triple work burden of Indonesia's women unionists, The impact of the Indonesian government’s crackdown on Islamists, Environmental degradation in Indonesia: lessons from Jambi, Religious minorities in Indonesia face discriminiation, 2020: top posts and tipping points in the year of living precariously, For human capital or social justice? Proud to be Sarawakian, & I want Sarawak Independence. Read my comments more carefully. Will Singapore forget its low-paid migrant workers again? On 22nd July 1963 Britain granted Sarawak full independence, where it became a sovereign state in its own right. Masing: Sarawak wishes Malaya well on Independence Day as a ‘close friend’. If not, how can you claim to speak for Sarawakian (myself included) that we have no desire to become an independent state? -Thumb’s A , B and C with ONLY RM29.90 that worth ~RM41.40~. Just how independent and “Sarawak-centric” future development policy shapes up between Kuching and Putrajaya will be interesting to see over the next couple of years. Stories that are closer to your heart and your little towns that hardly gets to be highlighted in the mainstream media and we are here to share your thoughts to the masses. “There is no justification and reason for Sarawak Government to … Quotes about Independence. This is not equivalent to saying to Sarawak wants to be separated from the federation. Let’s celebrate Freedom! What would Southeast Asia look like today had we gone with Singapore instead of Malaya in ’65? It was proposed alongside 6 other flowers during selection in 1958, but it made the cut for several reasons: We hope to see you again soon. Required fields are marked *. But if something threatens our independence, we’ll fight for it one more time! To see all the colours that comes with Independence day brings the sparkly light in me. Malaysia Day is a Public Holiday held on 16 September every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. Some of you have implied that, by holding this view, I am being un-Sarawakian or ignorant of unequal distribution of resources under the current arrangement. That is not to say that they (or we) do feel we are somehow different from fellow Malaysians in the Peninsular, and have perhaps gotten the short end of the stick. I have not seen such high political consciousness until the recent election, especially in urban areas. Tunku Abdul Rahman who was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia Federation of Malaya obtained from independence from the rule of British colonial in the year 1957. The day is intended to "honour past leaders", recognise the efforts of those who fought for the independence of the Sarawak from British colonial rule and improve historical awareness among locals and Malaysians. Explore the amazing 15 August Independence Day Wishes that are infused with love for nation. And yes, I am a Sarawakian. Today Onwards, stand a chance to grab a Sarawak Day Deals at Thumb’s! He pointed out that since July 22 is a Sarawak Independence Day, to use the term would not be seditious. let me share with you my personal story, Dear sis Lynette Ong. Today, many Sarawakians took to social media to celebrate Sarawak Day and show their love for their homeland through messages, artworks and even a video. July 22, 1963, is significant to the people of Sarawak as it marked the first day of self-governance of the former British Crown colony, with many viewing the date as Sarawak’s Independence Day. I think you mean separation. 1. Happy Malaysia Day Greetings. These are all untrue. happy 60th independence day nigeria. Have a great Independence Day! 2. — DayakDaily. Today is a very special day and warm wishes on Malaysia Independence Day to you.” “Today we can enjoy freedom and independence, enjoy the comforts and rights we are given as a citizen…. how can u say most sarawak did not agree with separatism? 22 July 1963- Sarawak Independence Day Sarawak established self-government and de facto independence from British rule on 22 July 1963. Happy Independence Day 2020. PM sends Sarawak Day greetings, pledges to continue development in state. The ceremony, forgotten in the past, appeared to be a pointed reminder to the national government in Putrajaya that elements in both Sabah and Sarawak are demanding a more assertive approach to the governance of their own affairs.

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