Destiny in Sentence. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Focusing on the present, Carmen straightened Destiny's frilly yellow Easter dress and brushed the thumb from her mouth. Sometimes again they appear as prophetesses (volur) at the birth of children, whose destiny they foretell. Little feet pounded across the living room into the kitchen and Destiny interrupted them in an excited voice. manifest-destiny. Lifting Destiny into his arms, he gazed down at her sleeping face and smiled. A few steps down the hall the other way assured him Destiny was still asleep. Looking for sentences with "manifest destiny"? In part it shared the destiny of the Roman empire, and with it fell into two parts, East separating from West. Lawrence's heroic struggle against his, 27. So in her eyes, I took Josh and you from her – and now Destiny. Destiny stood behind them, leaning on the back of the seat. Synonym Discussion of destiny. Life Always Uncomfortable. Destiny selected a few light dresses and Carmen bought some clothes for the twins. No man can escape his destiny. The shoulder protested when she put an arm around Destiny, but right now Destiny was more important. Katie wants to keep Destiny today, so I'll drop her off and then take Jonathan to the school for his field trip when I go for the conference. On the 1st of October 1643 Frederick wedded Sophia Amelia of Brunswick Luneburg, whose .energetic, passionate and ambitious character was profoundly to affect not only Frederick's destiny but the destiny of Denmark. The development of the prophet's message is full of contrasts and surprises: the vanity of the idol-gods and the omnipotence of Israel's helper, the sinfulness and infirmity of Israel and her high spiritual destiny, and the selection (so offensive to patriotic Jews, xlv. Carmen forced her mind from dreamland again and stood Destiny on the floor. — Jean de La Fontaine, in Fables Book VIII (1678–1679), Fable 16, The Horoscope — Variant translation: A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. He lifted his hand and displayed a doll to Destiny. Carmen grabbed a tissue from the table next to the bed and wiped Destiny's nose. Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. Alex and Bill had wandered off with Jonathan and the twins, as usual, which left Carmen with Katie and Destiny. If her present methods were not working, she might simply decide to take Destiny and run – if Destiny was what she wanted. There were only three things that mattered to her – Alex, Jonathan and Destiny. xl. Resulting academic research has illustrated these Manifest Destiny ideology in Virginia. The gifts of destiny include Sophix, Lovix, and the black gift. No certainty has been reached in the interpretation of these passages, but they may suggest to the Christian mind the expectation that the final destiny of no soul can be fixed until in some way or other, in this life or the next, the opportunity of decision for or against Christ has been given. Like a great many other youths with an eminent destiny before them, Burke conceived a strong distaste for the profession of the law. - Winx Club. 7. He pealed Destiny from his neck and handed her to Carmen, his voice softening as he spoke to Destiny. Fortune. CK1345133Maybe it's destiny. In the age of digital communication, any person should learn and understand multiple languages for better communication. Destination. What is the good of fuming and fretting for nothing when we cannot change our destiny. A deep melancholy took possession of him, and gave a dark tinge to all his views of human nature and of human destiny. 2647047 This is your destiny. When Alex came home that evening, Jonathan was in his room painting and Destiny was topping off her nap. It seemed to him as if destiny had made an appointment with him on a fixed day and was punctual. Find an answer to your question Use unsure and destiny in one sentence KaiaVic2 KaiaVic2 11/07/2016 Mathematics Middle School +5 pts. Jonathan was no more blood relation to them than Destiny, but neither child could have been loved more deeply nor considered more a family member. Jonathan, help your mother put the food up and I'll get Destiny into her coat. Each of them hugged him and talked briefly to Destiny. Destiny sat on Carmen's lap and Alex held her arm while the pediatric nurse inserted an IV. She smiled, remembering the day they took Destiny home from the hospital. However, it will allow you to learn the appropriate use of Destiny in a sentence. He plucked Natalie from her chair and sat down between Katie and Destiny. If he was coming down with a cold, he needed rest - and Destiny didn't need to be exposed to it. Jonathan was eager to get his turn, so Carmen watched Matthew, Natalie and Destiny. A few minutes later they came in and got Destiny to take her for more x-rays. The lost city of Metru Nui, along with the destiny of the Matoran, is then revealed. Meanwhile, through holding with Kant that man is not God, but a free spirit, whose destiny it is to use his intelligence as a means to his duty, he is still the resort of many who vindicate man's independence, freedom, conscience, and power of using nature for his moral purposes, e.g. A moment later, Alex passed them, Destiny laughing in his arms as they danced. Natalie and Matthew were in the nursery and Jonathan and Destiny were still in Sunday school classes. Katie arrived an hour later to pick up Jonathan and Destiny, and thirty minutes later Carmen and Alex were in the car headed for the airport. 23); in a third (influenced, no doubt, by Chaldaean astrology), the power of destiny. present and future destiny on earth, there is written nothing save " lamentation, and mourning, and woe.". Darkyn's assertions about her destiny being with him left her in a foul mood. In the Lucha he describes how the spirit of man wished to solve the problem of human destiny. Carmen assigned responsibility for that to herself because she didn't notice early enough that Destiny was sick. The Word "Destiny" in Example Sentences. she asked as Destiny abandoned her hand and flung herself at him. the constitutional consciousness of the mass of the people is very little developed, all these things reflect only very imperfectly the great underlying forces by which the life of the nation is being moulded and its destiny determined. To make war upon Islam seemed to the Portuguese their natural destiny and their duty as Christians. Destiny, giggling and ran at her side, caught up in the fun. In a quiet room with no one looking on, she managed to get her emotions under control by focusing on Destiny. Sentence Examples. 2. Finally Carmen picked up Destiny and stood. The nurse would have no way of knowing how uncharacteristic this behavior was for Destiny. I'm simply stating that I'm not leaving my destiny to the whim of a man. Related to Destiny. Destiny would be two years old before long. The purpose of this article has been to show that, while the Renaissance implied a new way of regarding the material world and human nature, a new conception of man's destiny and duties on this planet, a new culture and new intellectual perceptions penetrating every sphere of thought and energy, it also involved new reciprocal relations between the members of the European group of nations. With Destiny buckled in safely and Jonathan sitting beside her, he climbed behind the wheel and started the car. If she did not follow her destiny soon, she, too, would endanger all she loved. Nor can the attempt of the American scholar Muss-Arnolt to explain them as cognate with the Babylonian Tablets of Destiny be pronounced successful. Although in recent theological thought attention has been mainly directed to individual destiny, yet the other elements of Christian eschatology must not be altogether passed over. Another word for destiny. Scott 2273301 Tom is my destiny. Instead of improving, Destiny got steadily worse. "At least I can save other women from that destiny," she said. Some people are very concerned about their eternal destiny. A sensitive and highly imaginative boy, he was the favourite of his grandfather, who made him his constant companion. Each neuron or nerve cell is a morphologically distinct and discrete unit connected functionally but not structurally with its neighbours, and leading its own life independently of the destiny of its neighbours. For the first time, Destiny warmed quickly to someone. The fact that Lori said she didn't want Destiny when she was born didn't mean that she wasn't feeling bad about it now. How To Use The Word Manifest Destiny In A Sentence It’s worth knowing the ins and outs of what exactly manifestation is and how to properly manifest what you want. An example of destiny is when you will become wealthy. In truth, destiny is like the web of a black widow. The tiny pink nose wiggled and the pink eyes regarded Destiny suspiciously. She applied light colored lipstick and then put some on Destiny's lips. He lifted Destiny so her head lay on his shoulder. How To Put Manifest Destiny In A Sentence. The contemporary hero is one who stands out against the crowd to fulfil a personal, 9. Learn Ludwig. For long ages astronomy and astrology (which might be called astromancy, on the same principle as "chiromancy") were identified; and a distinction is made between "natural astrology," which predicts the motions of the heavenly bodies, eclipses, &c., and "judicial astrology," which studies the influence of the stars on human destiny. Carmen called Mums, who said she would come over and pick up Destiny. Pronunciation of destiny with 3 audio pronunciations, 20 synonyms, 12 meanings, 15 translations, 11 sentences and more for destiny. Alex winked at Carmen and shifted his attention to Destiny. Destiny let go of him and reluctantly transferred to Carmen. Jonathan was staring out the window and Alex was playing with Destiny. My friend Katherine teaches a workshop about how to control your own destiny and take charge of your future. The apparent opposition of the observed fact to the assigned theory he overcame by looking upon the forms of the land and the arrangement of land and sea as instruments of Divine Providence for guiding the destiny as well as for supplying the requirements of man. Destiny: a state or end that seemingly has been decided beforehand. Still, watching Carmen with Destiny had made him aware that she still didn't have the one thing she had wanted. On Saturday Carmen left Alex with Jonathan and Destiny, heading for the old house. Destiny and the twins think he's on a business trip. Henry May, an Englishman, suffered the same fate in 1593; and lastly, Sir George Somers shared the destiny of the two preceding navigators in 1609. We would not let him get on the horse with Destiny. I have faith only in God and the lofty destiny of our adored monarch. What is the good of fuming and fretting for nothing when we cannot change our destiny. Carmen kissed Destiny goodnight and shut the door to their room. Inevitable. She helped Destiny into her chair and smiled thanks to Alex as he held hers. High quality example sentences with “a sense of shared destiny” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. Do you honestly think I'd send him into a place where Destiny was? Deep inside, all she could think about was that Lori might want revenge more than she wanted Destiny. Instead of acting as a little world by itself for the raising of corn, the breeding of cattle, the gathering of wool, the weaving of linen and common cloths, the fabrication of necessary implements of all kinds, the local group began to buy some of these goods and to sell some others, renouncing isolation and making its destiny dependent on commercial intercourse. Destiny stiffened with a fit of coughing and then drug a deep rattling breath. Alex and Carmen were the only parents Destiny had ever known. Are you sure that our destiny is controlled by the stars? She could do nothing without endangering both Destiny and Jonathan. dĕs'tə-nē. Carmen arranged for the twins and Destiny to stay with Grandma Reynolds so that she wouldn't be distracted when her guests arrived. he asked, his focus still on Destiny. And Destiny won't know what to think at first, but she will be delighted to have you home. CK 1 1108032 It's our destiny. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day! Destiny drew back, clutching Alex around the neck possessively as she stared at Lori. The kitten pushed her head into Destiny's hand and began a loud purr. Apparently the arrangement pleased Destiny because she stopped crying when Carmen left her. The present subjective judgment, in which men determine their destiny by their attitude to Christ, on which the fourth gospel lays stress (John iii. His gaze dropped to Destiny and found her asleep. The cardinal doctrines of the Kabbalah embrace the nature of the Deity, the Divine emanations or Sephiroth, the cosmogony, the creation of angels and man, their destiny, and the import of the revealed law. You have shaped your destiny. 5. Destiny is as much a part of me as she is of you. Manifest Destinty, another "great" idea straight out of the U.S. like Mc.Donalds and Freedom Fries George W. Bush is … Destiny was a little lady, waiting until he came into the kitchen before plowing into him. Jonathan tried to tell Destiny that Alex wasn't there, but she continued to look anyway. She was convinced that sooner or later she would fulfil her, 29. It was Destiny this time, and Jonathan stood beside her, holding Matthew. Page 1. Napoleon was evidently returning to the traditions of his youth, and in the September Convention of 1864 it looked as if he would abandon Rome to its manifest destiny. Carmen let the bed rail down and jerked the tent from under the mattress, allowing Destiny to crawl close. In Shelley's Julian and Maddalo, 40, - "(talk) such as once, so poets tell, I The devils held within the dales of Hell I Concerning God, freewill and destiny," - vales has been suggested to make it harmonize with the passage of Milton to which reference is made: but the argument is not conclusive. 8.14, §§ 164-166, Niese) to which he refers, he says: "The Sadducees do away with Destiny altogether and set God beyond the possibility of punishing or supervising men. It was, however, in regard to the destiny of the individual that apocalyptic rendered its chief service. While their relationship was strained, his relationship with Jonathan and Destiny had returned to normal. "I'm sure Destiny will really enjoy it," Carmen said. The twins and even Destiny cried about every small thing that didn't go their way. Both twins were crying and destiny was pouting. Our destiny is shaped by our actions and decisions, not by chance. There is no single event that determines the outcome of one's destiny, he said with a shake of his head. But in truth, you know, that was really the birth of what would become manifest destiny and the western expansion. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Destiny" in Example Sentences Page 1. Advertisement Destiny in Detail. The man who depends upon his own efforts makes his own destiny. Guybrush881112469This is my destiny. That night she and Jonathan picked up Destiny and then headed home. Scott2273301Tom is my destiny. Destiny is defined as your future or the pre-ordained path of your life. rose5406 rose5406 When one believes in destiny they are incredibly confident about where their destiny will lead them however I am not too confident due to the aspect that I ma unsure about my own destiny and can`t inevitably rely on that to take control of my life! Spooning eggs into a plate for Jonathan and a bowl for Destiny, she returned the pan to the stovetop. Unlike Jonathan, though, Destiny had natural grandparents to spoil her – and they did. Paulo Coelho Find more ways to say destiny, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Destiny's eyelids drooped and paused, then opened wide. After his retirement he gave to the administration of Sir John Macdonald a support which grew more and more fitful, and advocated independence as the final destiny of Canada. fatum, fate, destiny), the common term for a supposed race of supernatural beings who magically intermeddle in human affairs. He carefully stood and gently placed Destiny in her bassinet. Man can change his destiny by right thinking. Destiny grabbed Alex around the neck and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. They talked for a few minutes and then Carmen left to take Destiny to their room. She agreed because she didn't want Destiny then. New questions … Thus, Fata Scribunda were the goddesses who wrote down a man's destiny at his birth. Elizabeth Gilbert. Close to Destiny. He was accepted as a disciple and promoted to a position of trust, where avarice, the only vice in which he had hitherto been unpractised, gradually took possession of his soul, and led to the complete fulfilment of his evil destiny. He lifted Destiny from the rug in her room where she had fallen asleep and gently placed her in her bed. Destiny's voice sang from the other room. Carmen and Destiny dressed mother/daughter style in red/green/yellow plaid blouses and hunter green jeans. His kingly office had come to him from Pelops through the blood-stained hands of Atreus and Thyestes, and had brought with it a certain fatality which explained the hostile destiny which pursued him. They had already made arrangements for Katie and Bill to watch Jonathan and Destiny while they went to pick up the babies. One night after chores, Carmen, Jonathan and Destiny were eating supper when Brutus started barking. After lunch, Mums arrived to get Destiny. 3. She pulled Destiny's dress out and hung it while tears coursed down her cheeks. Carmen disentangled herself from Destiny and urged her to lie down. The other issue manifested in a loud wail from Destiny's room. With the food warming, Carmen took Destiny to her room and dressed. She couldn't be with Destiny and Alex at the same time. She had barely thought about the twins since Destiny went into the hospital. Destiny's eyelids kept drooping and then she would open her eyes wide as if afraid she might miss something good. Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them. Destiny was that way when she was younger. Destiny's little fingers wiggled on Carmen's ribs and she laughed. So is Destiny, and she isn't even a blood relation. He released her without objection and she walked away to get Destiny. Carmen's first impulse was to snatch Destiny back, but the six months waiting period had long passed. After Saturday, though, they feel a sense of destiny. She helped Destiny into a frilly white dress with yellow trim and they both finished up with white sandals. Alex had already set aside a trust fund for both Jonathan and Destiny, and Carmen was listed as an equal partner in everything. They were happy with each other, and whatever Destiny might have been born, she was a Barnett now. Like her adoptive mother, Destiny was mesmerized by the chocolate gaze and rich deep voice. Destiny wore herself out and fell asleep in the buggy on the way back. We were destined to meet here. Jonathan would stay with Katie for the night and the Reynolds would keep Destiny. When the nurse arrived, she took Destiny's temperature and said something about the doctor. - Bionicle Chronicles. Destiny giggled, revealing top and bottom teeth in matching pairs. As busy as she was, time had to be set aside for play with Destiny. They still hadn't caught the red-headed man, but they had a regular patrol, so Carmen took Jonathan and Destiny home with her. Carmen watched with Destiny while they waited anxiously for Alex. Destiny definition is - something to which a person or thing is destined : fortune.

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