In the header there is a "check all" checkbox. When I check the "check all" checkbox, it will just select the 10 from the current page. When i go to the next page none of the records are selected and when i come back to the first page the initially selected records also gets unselected. Automatically check “parent checkbox” based on all child boxes checked/unchecked. To select all the CheckBoxes in listview, when header CheckBox is selected & vice-versa Set "setOnClickListener" NOT "setOnCheckedChangeListener" for CheckBox in header "checkBox_header" /* * Select All / None DO NOT USE "setOnCheckedChangeListener" here. I have a grid that when put in edit mode has a popup editform that has another grid containing records with checkboxes in the grid column edit template. you can check or uncheck all the child checkboxes when a master checkbox is checked or unchecked using the following code. When the Header row CheckBox is checked (selected), all … Description.